donderdag, juli 05, 2007

CAML and strange characters like '&'

Some day, my Caml Query failed with this exception:
"The property Query contains an invalid value."


<FieldRef Name='Summary'/><Value Type='Text'>jeroen & doreen></Value>

I noticed the & and found out that the & character was the problem. Changing it into the encoded & gave the same problem... Thx to JOPX's connections in the Sharepoint world (of art;-) ) someone gave me a tip: try it with CDATA.....

So I check that out........ and it worked!!

So you need to put a CDATA tag around the text that can contain strange characters:

My new correct working CAML XML look like this:

<FieldRef Name='Summary'/>
<Value Type='Text'> <![CDATA[jeroen & doreen]]> </Value>

Some more info about CDATA:
A CDATA section starts with "<![CDATA[" and ends with

function matchwo(a,b)
if (a < b && a < 0) then
return 1
return 0

In the example above, everything inside the CDATA section is ignored by
the parser.

Notes on CDATA sections:
A CDATA section cannot contain the string "]]>", therefore, nested CDATA sections are not allowed. Also make sure there are no spaces or line breaks inside the "]]>" string.

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Totmakov zei

Also, instead '&' you can use '& amp;' (without space of course)

Geronimo zei

That didn't worked with me (without CDATA).... tried that....