woensdag, mei 21, 2008

Sharepoint 2007 limits overview

When setting up Sharepoint 2007 or creating custom stuff for Sharepoint, please take a look at this:
  • Detailed Sharepoint limits overview
  • Plan for software boundaries (detail overview of limitations, performance tips, ....)
    Also notice that there are also limitations for security principles:
    "Security principal: max 2,000 per Web site. The size of the access control list is limited to a few thousand security principals (users and groups in the Web site)."

zaterdag, maart 15, 2008

Seen on TechDays2008

Last week I went to TechDays 2008 at the ICC in Ghent. You can find an overview of the program/presentations over here .

I will give a quick overview of the most intresting topics. I will try to add some more info when there are new video's/presentations available.



  • Integrating WCF + WF :  by Ingo Rammer
  • The ABC of building services with WCF by Peter Himschoot
    => download presentations here
  • Intro blogspost about ABC of WCF  by Dennis van der Stelt




* Tools

  • ZOOMIT: nice tool for zooming during presentations: download here