zaterdag, november 25, 2006

Using CAML to filter a infopath published boolean field (from a sharepoint list)

In a infopath form we have a boolean field called Draft, we publish the form to a sharepoint list, and we want to filter that list using Caml queries:
Which value should the BOOLEANVALUE have to succeed the query?
False/True ? Yes/No ? 0/1 ?
What I noticed is, when I published the infopath form the boolean type in intopath will be a Yes/No Type in the sharepoint list.....

So the Caml query will not work with BOOLEANVALUE = False/True Or Yes/No , you have to use 0 or 1...

Implement the CAML query into code:

StringBuilder camlBuilder = new StringBuilder();

string queryText = camlBuilder.ToString();

SPWeb site = SPContext.Current.Web;
SPList list = site.Lists["Mail"];
SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
string queryText =""
query.Query = queryText;

results = list.GetItems(query);
foreach (SPListItem item in results)

If you put the query Tag as root tag into the query text, you will receive all items, zo don't put it there, some stupid guy I know very good did that ;-)

Also check this out:
U2U CAML Query Builder and Execution Tool (+download)

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Andy B zei

Yes, I'd exactly the same problem. It's ridiculous. A boolean field should be true or false.

custom sharepoint development zei

Nice piece of information... thanks for sharing this issue...